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Are You Social?

The HVAC Industry on Facebook

While 83% of the top 250 sites analyzed had links to their Facebook page, more than half of those pages have fewer than 1,000 likes.

The HVAC Industry on Twitter

Twitter is not as popular as Facebook amongst the HVAC crowd, but a few of the top 250 websites have 1,000+ follower-bases!

The HVAC Industry on Google+

Very few HVAC companies (only 58%) are taking advantage of Google+ and the rise of the “local pack” in the search engine results page, and even fewer are actually getting reviews of their companies. Companies with a lot of positive reviews typically rank very well in the local pack.

What You Need to Know

27% of Americans’ time online is spent on social media. Can you believe that? How many times have you been on your Facebook today? Once? Twice? Three times?

Facebook alone has over 900 million unique users spending over 700 billion minutes per month on the site. If you want to be found where your customers are spending more than a quarter of their time online, then you’ve got to have a strong presence (and even advertise) on social media!

The next time someone is in need of your product or service, you want your company, your brand to come to mind. When it comes to generating “TOMA” (top of mind awareness), social media—if you do it right—is currently the cheapest and most effective way to do it!

But that’s not all! The same social media tools that allow brands to put their messages on apps and sites that their potential customers can’t seem to tear their eyes away from also serves as a weapon for unsatisfied customers to put your company on blast.

Where does this usually get local businesses like HVAC companies in trouble? Negative social media reviews.

Essentially, social media has become a new and evolving sustainer service channel. Occasionally responding to customer inquiries, questions, or feedback when appropriate builds customer rapport and builds brand personality. Did you know that 51 percent of customers said that a response from a brand on social media gave them a more favorable view of the brand?

Always consider the social media ramifications with every customer interaction you have. If you ever needed an extra reason to delight your customers, social media is that reason.