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Content Marketing

Sites with a Blog

Of the top 250 websites analyzed, 71% of them have a blog, but a majority of them have not been updated in 60 days or more.

Number of Pages

The top 250 sites in this year’s class outperform the last time we did the analysis, with 82% having over 100 pages on their websites! The VAST majority (80%) of websites analyzed had 50 pages or less on their websites

What You Need to Know

Today’s consumers want to buy, not be sold to.

Marcus Sheridan—one of the owners of River Pools and Spas—attributes over two million dollars in business to a single blog post he decided to publish based on a question his prospects were asking: “what does a fiberglass pool cost?”

This is called content marketing.

In the HVAC and plumbing industry, your potential customers have problems and are looking for answers for those problems—quickly. Where do they go to for their answers?


Here is where your opportunity lies. Think of some questions that your prospective clients frequently ask you.

  • “Do heat pumps work when it’s cold?”
  • “Do whole house humidifiers really work?”
  • “Is my ENERGY STAR® air conditioner eligible for tax credits?”
  • “How can I prevent my pipes from freezing in the winter?”
  • “How long will my furnace last?”
  • “Should my HVAC contractor be NATE certified?”

Now think about your website. Do you have content on your website that answers each of those questions?

By creating relevant, educational content designed to help your prospects make better decisions, you will naturally find your website rising to the top of Google for various keyword searches related to your HVAC and plumbing business.